The Bud Duck line of collectable bath toys are the world’s leading manufacture of high quality finished rubber ducks. You can see and feel the difference compared to the competition. Multiple product images and angles are provided, so you can see the craftsmanship up close. No other rubber ducks are detailed this way. Suitable for as gifts for all ages! Make sure you check out our selection of over 800 styles that will match most any person in your life personality, hobby, occupation, or favorite pastime.
PACKAGING: Whimsical saying – “Your bud in the tub”
SIZE: 2.5″ x 2.2″ x 2.5″
MATERIAL: made from vinyl and phthalate free, no lead paint
COLLECTABLE: 100s of styles to choose from and great for baby showers, party gifts, and all occasions
BRING A SMILE and offer a rubber duck to someone special in your life by matching one of over 800 styles to choose from that becomes a gift that keeps giving! Why settled for a paper gift card that you no will be thrown away after its read.

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