JeepJeepDuck Loyalty Rewards Program

Duck Stars Rewards

Welcome to our Loyalty Rewards Program!
Earn Gift Cards by purchasing tags in our store but not only. Check out the rewards table below:

1 dollar spent in the store = 1 duck star Mini duck star

Duck Stars Rewards Table

Loyalty rewards program rules
AmountsActionsLimits max.
+XX Mini duck starFor each purchase in the Duck Duck Jeep Tags store (Only if you are member)1 dollar spent = 1 Duck Star
+10 Mini duck starFor becoming a member (Create your free account now)Once
+10 Mini duck starFor being a member for a yearOnce per year
+10 Mini duck starFor your birthdayOnce per year
+5 Mini duck starFor reviewing purchased products on DuckDuckJeep Tags StoreOnce per product per week
+5 Mini duck starFor referring a new member2 times max. / Day
+3 Mini duck starFor Approved CommentOnce per post/item per day
+1 Mini duck starFor getting a content like5 times max. / Month
+1 Mini duck starFor liking content5 times max. / Month
+1 Mini duck starFor sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp & Messenger1 time max per social network per day. (Max. 5 stars per day)
-2 Mini duck starDeduction for deleted / unapproved CommentOnce per comment
-5 Mini duck starDeduction for Comment marked as SPAMOnce per spam comment
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Redeem your Duck Stars

Contact us to redeem your Duck Stars.

JeepJeepDuck Gift Card$25 JeepJeepDuck Gift Card250 Mini duck star
JeepWavers Gift Card$25 JeepWavers Gift Card250 Mini duck star
FlagOnYou Gift Card$25 FlagOnYou Gift Card250 Mini duck star
Amazon Gift Card$20 Amazon Gift Card300 Mini duck star
Oriental Trading Gift Card$20 Oriental Trading Gift Card300 Mini duck star
VistaPrint Gift Card$20 Vistaprint Gift Card300 Mini duck star

How to start earning duck stars

Send your friends on using your affiliate link below or sharing any page of our site with these buttons available on all pages:
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